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Logistics Company Price Calculator
Website     |     2019
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Payment integrations     |     2020
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Clic ID
Online identification service     |     2021
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We will be happy to see you as our new client!
The story of Patternica

Hi, my name is Anton and I’m the CEO of Patternica.

Since my childhood, I have a passion for computers and technologies. And it always was my dream to work in the IT sphere. That’s why I studied Computer Science at University and started my first projects at the second year of study.

Besides my own projects, I also worked on huge enterprise projects. These projects are used by PayPal, Mozilla, American Airlines, etc.

And now I run Patternica and use all my experience and passion to provide the best service for my clients.

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We will be happy to see you as our new client!
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Our close-knit team will cope with any tasks.

You can ask us to outsource the specialist who is currently lacking in yours. You may be interested in getting the outstaff experts that will put the project back on tracks and follow through. Or you can request custom software development to cover the specific needs of the target audience.


We work with the whole world and are always in the very center of technology
introducing them to our customers.

Stephen Layland
California    |    USA
Lead Data Engineer at Tubi

It was a pleasure working with Anton as he helped Metric Insights develop a new data processing framework. Anton came into the group and tackled a large redesign project, which he designed and implemented from scratch using the Akka framework. Anton quickly grasped the technical difficulties and designed a working POC in little over a month. I was impressed with his technical ability, professionalism, and output. I'm very excited to see what he tackles next!

Vinay Deonarain
London    |    United Kingdom
Owner at Win Storm Studio

Anton worked on several projects for me and managed to deliver great results even within a system that was very limiting. He achieved my very specific requirements even where others said it couldn’t be done within the constraints that we faced. He is not only technically proficient but eager to understand the product in question so that he is best placed to execute the customer’s vision.

Adrian Roman
New Jersey    |    USA
Owner at All Cars Transport

Excellent job, Anton! He and his team are very knowledgeable, they offer suggestions and listen to my wishes and they were able to come out with a great product. I can`t be happier and I definitely recommend them for your project. I will continue working with them on the next stages of my web development project. Thank you guys!

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of your business goals.

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With our IT software company, you will have your finger on the pulse of the latest technologies. We offer various types of development in software, while fintech, e-commerce, and logistics remain our priorities. Start your custom software development chapter with a reliable software development company!

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