Dropbox API access token

A client of ours asked us to incorporate Dropbox app into their workflow. Use case: automatically get set for a script from a dropbox CSV file. If you ever want to do something similar, you’ll be asked to generate your Dropbox API access token. Here’s how to do it.

STEP 1. Create an app in your Dropbox account

Go to https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps/create

  1. Authorize, if you weren’t.
  2. Choose Scoped access on the first step.
  3. Choose Full Dropbox access on the second.
  4. Give your app a name. That name will become a folder in your Dropbox account.
  5. Push ‘Create app’ button.

STEP 2. Set permissions

You’ll be presented with your app’s settings.

  1. Go to the Permissions tab.
  2. Set permission as on the screenshot. Read access is required, write access is required if in your workflow you need to create or change files.
  3. Press "Submit" at the bottom.

STEP 3. Generate access token

  1. Scroll down to ‘OAuth 2’ block
  2. Set access token expiration to "No expiration".
  3. Press ‘Generate’ button near ‘Generated access token’ text.
  4. After the token is generated you’ll see a string of letters and numbers, which looks something like this:

This is your Dropbox API access token. You should now hand over this token to your developer.

BTW, If you’d like us to create an automation workflow involving Dropbox for you, please drop us a line.

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