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Can you name companies that use Angular to add the required functionality to their online service? Google has precisely done this way by building Google Cloud Console. Without the skillful leverage of the Angular framework, users won’t be able to benefit from Upwork, Microsoft Office, Gmail, PayPal, or Forbes on the daily basis. We believe that Angular suits different industries and development purposes. Choose us to create innovative Angular software solutions!

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Our view on what Angular means in software development

Are you planning to develop feature-rich software with the help of a reliable IT provider? Patternica can conquer your heart with the flexibility of business cooperation models: outstaffing our Angular software engineer to your available team, outsourcing the whole dedicated team for your project realization, or taking responsibility for the full-cycle custom product development mission.

Whatever the task we’re executing for you, you’ll feel our approach to Angular software development. As a rule, it comprises the following components:

  • Faster code writing

    The reliance on Angular in software development is the marker that the company places code cleanness and readability high but also minds saving time. Patternica confidently embraces the technology to make your solution lightweight and easy to proceed with future alterations on the go.

  • Cutting-edge functionality

    The in-built specifics of the Angular framework lets our Angular software developers have all the functions in one place and aspire to greater data protection and cybersecurity. Our team of professionals will ensure that your app is browser-compatible, efficient, and smooth in terms of performance.

  • SEO friendliness

    This benefit will be high-level important for those creating web-based solutions. Eager to technically prepare the solution per the search engine optimization before driving more traffic to it? The Angular MVC architecture unites all the app components into a rigid pattern, bringing order to the data handling, its display to users, and building commands into the interface, while our specialists take care of the technical aspects of this job.

  • Ease of maintenance

    As maintenance is a vital part of programming, Patternica offers it as a separate IT service you can add to the list of your requests. It means that we’ll modify the solution till the moment all inaccuracies are resolved, and all the bugs are fixed. As a result, your users will enjoy the interrupted and error-free operation of software and keep interested in its examination and usage.

How can we help you?

Being an expert in closing Angular software projects on a turnkey basis, Patternica suggests you build, modernize, and scale solutions across fintech, eCommerce, logistics, and other industries. Come to us if you want us to help you with:

  • 1
    Progressive web apps

    Don’t want to lose money on mobile app development? Spend it wisely on the progressive web app! Patternica will accomplish this task for your users to access your service anywhere, from any device, and with no effort. Invest into your customers’ experience from the start!

  • 2
    App customization

    Our engineers are skilled enough to choose among Angular software tools that best suit your IT project. Our flexibility and focus on trending technologies will amaze you if you think of enhancing the existing software and driving better business results. For instance, we can improve your app performance, user experience, and web security, but this list can be expanded.

  • 3
    Full-stack development

    Building a web-based program in Angular from scratch till release is easier when you find specialists in cloud deployment. In this regard, Patternica’s developers are keen on working with different databases, programming languages, and frameworks. We’re the ones who know how to combine the power of Angular, JS, and MongoDB and benefit from it.

  • 4
    Are you willing to save time on code writing with intuitive APIs?

    All the parties who enter the system (i.e., a web application) will see the same features and interface details without experiencing any troubles.

  • 5
    Will you plan to scale it further for new markets?

    All the parties who enter the system (i.e., a web application) will see the same features and interface details without experiencing any troubles.


We offer only well-recognized and time-tested technologies to support any of your business goals.



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