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The software market has undergone great changes over the last 50 years — from primitive punch-card programming services to the development of SaaS and open-source solutions. Patternica, as the apps & integrations building provider, strives to be on the leading edge of the software development industry. Hence, we employ the latest technologies and constantly invest in our engineers’ professional growth. Have a look at our major software development industries!

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Key areas of Patternica’s software development expertise

We’ve spent more than five years unlocking the business value for different software industries, facing the tradeoff between solution uniqueness and speed of project realization. However, being the advocate of the quality-first approach, we’ve finally decided to narrow our engineering specialisation to three trending domains, where we can bring you the most tangible result.

fintechFront + Back / DB


That’s the core of our engineering practice, and we’re continuously learning how to incorporate the recent fintech trends in our project-based programming. To cope with fintech challenges in a sure-footed way, Patternica’s experts devote time to learning the specific industry standards for software development. In fintech, compliance with regulations is critical, and we do our best to reduce clients’ risks and unexpected pains after the solution is ready.

e-commerceFront + Back / DB


Our intrinsic goal while building robust e-commerce solutions is to balance out the needs of both parties — the client company and the end-users of their service. Put another way, Patternica’s software engineers place the interactive interface, rich user experience, and process automation with intergations high. Plus, we grow our own talents to use Salesforce infrastructure to build custom e-commerce web apps with easy scalability, high security, and excellent performance. Hence, if you’re eager to stand apart of the other competitors, come to us!

transportationFront + Back / DB


We believe that the end-to-end visibility of processes and automation of repetitive tasks is the key to growth. That’s why Patternica is at the helm of logistics business development in the software industry, implementing ML and AI technologies under the hood of our transportation web solutions. Drive operational efficiency, reduce time sinks, and minimize risks together with Patternica’s custom-made software!


Our domain expertise is power!

Wish to attain a lofty goal with your IT project and need a reliable software development vendor? Spend a minute on ‘why us’ list!

  • Own internship program

    What would speak of the company’s maturity in engineering job louder than its internship? Read more on how we grow the best talents by ourselves, and bring a new challenge to solve with our best brains.

  • Confident usage of technologies

    Our teammates share the opinion that success is the ability to turn ideas into value, and the skillful leverage of technologies transmits this value to its customers. Thus, we’re ready to help you select the one that suits your IT project best and carry it through the software industry development cycle.

  • Cases to show you

    Selecting the IT services provider can’t do without asking for the company’s practical cases solved. We do understand it, and here’s the portfolio of our recent projects to make a first impression. If you’ve got an idea to turn into the new project, contact us!

If you’ve got an idea to turn into the new project


  • 1. What is the key driver of the global software market?
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  • 3. What is the biggest software market for the time being?
  • 4. Why is the industry of software development so important worldwide?

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