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Do you agree with the statement that a website without an interactive user interface costs a dime a dozen today? If the answer is ‘yes,’ you’ll feel that the React framework can become a power in the professionals’ hands. Let us walk you through the advantages of React JS development services from our engineering experience!

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Why choose React JS services?

Suppose you get a bird’s eye view of React software development services. In this case, you’ll definitely notice that this is the best technology to create out-of-the-box UI components on the mixture of Javascript and XHTML (JSX), including the customized visuals and the logic supporting their natural implementation. However, a rich interface isn’t the only reason for selecting React for building a solution. Consider the additional benefits of this programming approach:

  • Easy updates and maintenance

    React framework is suitable when it comes to quick changes and easy scaling. Instead of losing time for code writing and other manual correction, you’ll better use it for more critical tasks, right? Thanks to its modular structure, React code is flexible enough for developer updates.

  • High performance

    Initially, React JS was created with the purpose of revolutionizing the performance capacity when creating web solutions. With server-side rendering, this framework allows the faster building of complex apps from the outset.

  • Risks calculation for each modification

    In addition to flexibility, React web development services are characterized by a tree-structured model that leaves developers an opportunity for testing all the new changes for possible performance risks. As a result, your users will be granted an interrupted user experience.

  • Smooth transition to React Native

    The new times call for new approaches, and the transition from React JS development service to React Native development service is one of them. Imagine that you’ve already developed the web application and wish to use most of its business logic to quickly build a mobile app. Cut down the development speed and give your app a native look and feel with React Native developers by Patternica!

Our React development services

The usage of powerful technology begets the appearance of scalable software. If you’re interested in establishing a partnership with the reliable React JS app development company, check out the areas of our expertise:

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    React JS web development from scratch

    Patternica’s specialists aren’t afraid of building the software product from the very start. After the successful closure of 10+ projects, we know how to unite high talent and domain expertise to create a ready-to-go solution.

  • 2
    Dedicated React JS development team

    Not to miss the big picture, we assemble our team not only by the relevant developers but also with the specialists supporting its smooth workflow — PM, BA, QA, and others. Hence, with our dedicated team, you’ll get the real focus on your project and balance out your and users’ needs.

  • 3
    React Native app development

    Because of the easy transition from React JS to React Native, we can turn your app into a cross-platform solution with an interactive interface and enhanced integrity. With the individual approach in action, Patternica will create the React Native software per the custom design.


We offer only well-recognized and time-tested technologies to support any of your business goals.



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