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Customer interaction process with us
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We are working according to the offshore scheme.

Developers can work directly with client's management or through management on our side.

interaction between client and Patternica: the first way - Client’s company - Our manager - Developers, the second way - Client’s company - Client’s manager - Developers
    1 STEP
    Requirements The client provides us their requirements for the developer wanted (vacancy description)
  • 2 STEP
    Candidate’s Portrait We process all requirements and create the portrait of the person needed
  • 3 STEP
    Sharing Talents If we have a person with the necessary set of skills and expertise on bench, we share our talents with the client immediately
  • 4 STEP
    Searching for candidates If step 3 is not an option, we look for candidates through our network and other resources, having the exact portrait in mind
  • 5 STEP
    Interview with us We interview the most relevant and promising specialists to find the match for your project
  • 6 STEP
    Interview with the client We set the final interview to bridge the best suitable candidate and the client
  • 7 STEP
    Job offer Now we can close the hiring process — the client’s need is satisfied

As you see, Patternica has already built the smooth process of hiring app developers and other software engineers to fill the specific skill gaps for our clients. Based on our rich experience in hiring a developer for app creation, we can quickly and qualitatively close the deal for IT projects of different complexity. Let us hire developers for your successful project realization!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it mean to hire a developer? Though you may find developers for hire yourself, delegating the task to a reliable software development provider is more time- and cost-saving. If you choose the second, your involvement in the process is minimal, while Patternica holds a responsibility to hire developer able to fulfill a particular scope of tasks for your IT project.

2. Why do I need to choose Patternica for hiring an app developer? First, we already have a close-knit dedicated team to build different software solutions by our means. Second, if we lack the specialist(s) with the required expertise, we will hire them to fully equip the team. Third, we are well-experienced in building apps and websites in different industries — look through our recent cases in our portfolio!

3. How do I hire a program developer with Patternica? As a client, you only provide the requirements for the app developer to hire. In turn, we do the rest till the moment of the final call with you and the specialist found. Then the ball is in your court again.

4. How much does it cost to hire software developer? It depends on the task you need to execute, the time limits you define, and the complexity of the solution required. You may need a team of developers or only one developer as well. So, it’s better to share your budget expectations at the initial stage.

Let’s Start Hiring

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  • Java Developers
  • Angular Developers
  • C# developers
  • React.js Developers
  • AWS Developers
  • Azure Developers
  • Docker Developers
  • Firebase Developers
  • JavaScript Developers
  • SQL Developers
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