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Do you prefer taking a shortcut to fintech business development? That’s possible if you’re lucky to come across a team of domain professionals who confidently leverage the latest technologies. Patternica is one of those rare occasions. Our mission is to apply our pattern to your success, which means product customization per the client’s business needs. Thus, by choosing us, you’ll get a talented fintech development team or a single fintech software developer to turn your idea into ready software.

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Our fintech software development services

Most of our clients come to us with the request to enhance their operational efficiency, create a better user experience, or gain full and real-time transparency over the daily processes. Whatever the concern we’re solving, Patternica always places security, compliance, and tech stack suitability at the heart of our fintech software development process. Create the new value together with the best Patternica’s fintech developers!

  • Custom fintech application

    We perfectly realize that user-friendliness is the power behind the online service, and fintech is no exception. Thus, we put our expertise into creating the functionality, with which your users are able to take everyday fintech actions with the tap of their fingers.

  • AI-based fintech solutions

    Our fintech software developers and AI technologies work together, shortening the routine manual work and bringing automation into the processes that call for it. So, the increased efficiency of your fintech service is awaiting you.

  • Smart CRMs

    Integrations are our strength, so we know how to migrate your service from legacy systems to modern software and link it with other systems to bridge the data sharing through APIs. Visibility should be followed by optimizing your functionality, don’t you think so? We’ll make it appear on the screen.

  • Digital wallets

    With Patternica, you can create an online user-tailored experience for managing finances. By using microservices and smart tools, we provide the first-class money management service to your customers.


Areas of our fintech software expertise

Are you striving for a trusted IT provider to order software development for fintech products? Go on to learn Patternica’s fintech talents below!

  • Wealth management

    We’ve got solid experience in developing fintech solutions that will serve companies’ purposes, such as facilitating communication with chatbots or enhancing the convenience of user behavior monitoring.

  • Personal finance

    Creating the personal finance apps, we’re primarily thinking about the enhanced customer journey while using the service, adding budget planning tips, automated monthly reports, and easy tracking of transactions within an app.

  • Consumer banking

    We know that financial literacy is still in the process of acquisition; that’s why Patternica’s fintech engineers consider user-friendliness, intuitive interface, and smooth operations as the key quality metrics.

  • Payment

    Equipped with the knowledge of fintech regulations, our team of professionals creates payment solutions that ensure a high level of data protection, safe service access and usage, and other types of anti-fraud resistance.

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