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When do you need to build the MVP for startups?

Imagine you’ve got the sparkling business idea you want to try, but how to separate the wheat from the chaff? Patternica will help you test its brilliance through the MVP development process!

  • Check the demand

    When it comes to software development services for startups, Patternica has collected 5+ years of experience in doing these things and is ready to commit to your project realization. All you need is to describe your vision to us. On our side, we’ll research and estimate your proposal’s relevance to the market, the hardship of entering it, and other details to shape the initial product concept.

  • Launch research & development initiatives

    To check that your business idea matches the market expectations, we also spend some time confirming technical hypotheses. As a rule, it prepares the ground for choosing the right development direction. In other words, our team attempts at finding a way for translating the idea into a technically doable web MVP product. Here is when the raw concept transforms into the prototype.

  • Learn how to improve your solution

    In our understanding, MVP development for a startup is a flexible process that unites engineering with the account for the beta testing results and feedback from focus groups. Hence, we move by iterations to make sure the final software product solves your customers’ problem(s) and brings real value to the market.

  • Minimize your risks

    Another case when the MVP software development is relevant is risk management. At Patternica, we help startups to test their idea through a product demo with the basic features. Only after it was properly tested on the initial users, we’d recommend you switch further — to the development of the full-fledged solution.

Our MVP development process

Customer interaction process with us
discovery stage
Discovery stage

Collecting requirements, understanding the major business goal, splitting all work into the detailed tasks, and gathering data for the assigned team.

discovery stage
Estimation stage

Planning the upcoming tasks, making a timetable with deadlines, and deciding on the programming tools.

discovery stage
Team searching / using available team

Staffing the development team and inviting the experienced developers to mentor the hires and manage each task.

discovery stage
Implementation stage

Diving into the product development process itself with the requirements and deadlines compliance in mind.

discovery stage
Testing stage

Testing the product, correcting any issues if needed, and delivering its perfect version to you.

discovery stage

Making final preparations before the product goes live.

Sounds promising? But what if we say to you there’s more to come? Check the advantages of choosing the MVP development services by Patternica!


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Let’s create your MVP!