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Are you looking for a software development partner that keeps his finger on the pulse? Patternica is at your service. By leveraging the latest IT tools and technologies, we’re specialized in building custom web solutions of different complexity for partners all over the globe. Come to us to create the solution that will gracefully enter the market!

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We can make the best IT technology work for you

Do you have a business idea and now require a qualified team who will make it come true? Patternica builds qualitative solutions to meet your business goals and help your end-users solve their daily problems. Have a look at our tech might below!

Front-end development

With us, you’ll create an eye-catching cover for your business, develop the graphical user interface, and add interactivity to the final product. Make their experience unique and interactive with our IT technologies!

  • Angular
  • HTML 5
  • Javascript
  • React

Back-end development

Patternica’s team also works hard on the server-side software, providing your customers with all the features and functionality elements for using the service. For this purpose, we leverage the latest back-end technology of IT code writing.

  • Java
  • Ruby on Rails
  • C#
  • Docker

Database development

We consider that the focus on bridging the communication between the web app and the database is no less critical for the smooth operation of the future software product. That’s why our team confidently leverages the relevant technology in IT integrations.

  • MySQL
  • MS SQL
  • MongoDB

Have you checked the menu of our IT dishes? We’ll readily consult you on what to choose!


The development principles we live by

You may think that there are a lot of development companies in the market, so why should you choose Patternica for your project realization? Here is the list of why’s:

  • Agile methodology

    We do believe that that’s the best IT technology roadmap to create a modern app that corresponds to the user’s expectations and presents the actual value to the market. Hence, Patternica’s development process is built on the Agile workflow — with the care of quality and the client’s requirements at each stage.

  • Experienced engineers

    Having more than five years of diverse custom software development and integrations experience under the belt, Patternica retains high talents and works hard to attract new skilled experts to our internal team. For you, it means no wasted time on seeking the necessary specialists and a quicker transfer to the development process.

  • Latest tech innovations

    We’ll astonish you with the IT technologies list we can offer and cherrypick for solving your business problem through software product development. Our team of professionals is already mature in their adoption so that you can be sure about high-quality project outcomes.


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