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Java Development

As a Java application development company, Patternica covers the needs of other software companies and startups all over the globe by developing secure and scalable solutions for their end-users. With quality and customer orientation in mind, our team will choose the best way to develop a meaningful software product for your TA

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Our Java software development services

Do you want to equip and strengthen your team with the relevant talents in Java technologies? Patternica will find the dedicated brains and hands to cope with your IT project through the use of the Java frontend technologies and Java back-end technologies. Specifically, our expertise is comprised of:

  • Java web development

    Both dynamic websites and interactive web apps come out as the final fruits of our Java development service. Being ready to close tasks from A to Z, we build high-performing solutions that bridge global customers to the client’s service. Customization per your needs is our priority.

  • Java development outsourcing

    Except for the customized software products, our Java development company can hire a developer for your specific task (communication and team management is on your side) or assemble the whole dedicated team for your project realization (not only developers). Choose the business model that works for your best!

  • Java software consulting

    Before jumping to Java software development, Patternica assists each new client with the professional discovery service. It starts with the understanding of your key requirements and entails profound research to advise the optimal tech stack and tools to implement for the project. After they’re agreed, the development starts.

In what types of projects do we implement Java?

From our experience, Java outsourcing projects are the perfect match for startups and small- and middle-size businesses that opt for comprehensible and cyber-secure solutions in the sphere of fintech, eCommerce, logistics, etc.

Test whether your project is compatible with Java by answering these questions:

  • 1
    Would you care to develop cross-platform apps?
  • 2
    Do you need a solution to deal with multiple tasks simultaneously?
  • 3
    Does your product need complex calculations and enough scalability for large enterprises?
  • 4
    Are you willing to save time on code writing with intuitive APIs?
  • 5
    Will you plan to scale it further for new markets?

For all these cases, Java development technologies are the real finding! Start thinking about their adoption further by learning the major advantages


Benefits of our Java application development services

As a Java software development company, Patternica builds cloud-native and cloud-only apps to let our clients take the best of two worlds:

Speed of development

By employing Agile and DevOps practices, Java allows developers to organize the smooth iterations workflow with frequent updates and reduced time on the app delivery. Our engineers have rich experience in both team augmentation and self-managed teams, which leaves much flexibility in cooperation.

Large scalability

Thanks to Java’s interconnectivity potential, this programming technology is suitable for large complex projects. With easy monitoring of intermediate results, you’ll enjoy the transparent completion of the development calendar per the set deadlines and costs.

If you see an interesting option, and we’ll gladly help you!


We offer only well-recognized and time-tested technologies to support any of your business goals.



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