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Imagine customers putting more goods on their shopping lists and letting you make great strides in sales. For this picture to come alive, make sure that your app isn’t obsolete and provides e-commerce industry consumers with the best user experience they deserve. If you’re not so confident in this, come to Patternica, and we’ll brush your app up for a more modern look and feel. Or let’s create new software to meet your customers’ needs even deeper!

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Merge web development and e-commerce with Patternica!

Online shopping is about giving users the capability of making decisions at their fingertips. To guarantee this experience, you need to partner with the relevant IT provider who will create connected experiences between the brand and end-users. Patternica is the perfect candidate for this role. Check the e-commerce development options we’ve got for you!

  • Shopping app development

    The ongoing e-commerce market development stems from the constantly growing users’ appetite for new features. The more, the merrier. As a result, new apps are entering the scene, and e-commerce businesses continue the battle for leadership. Patternica builds unique and original solutions for more personalized shopping experiences. Come to us to differ from the rest!

  • Customized integrations with other platforms

    If you’re an e-commerce startup, you’ll probably choose the safer path — integrations with such platforms, as Shopify or Magento, and Linnworks. Read our story on helping companies read the broader reach and stir some inspiration for getting the best of two worlds!

  • Inventory management solutions

    As we’ve got the logistics expertise as well, we masterfully translate it into advanced warehouse management. With these digital solutions at hand, you can prevent costly mistakes and involuntary risks. Fortify your pivoting in the e-commerce industry!

  • Analytics & optimization services

    Are you willing to get timely data-driven insights and keep your eyes peeled for user behavior trends? We can optimize your ready solution with innovative AI & ML technologies to detect and uncover future opportunities and respond to customers’ needs more effectively, driving more conversions.

  • E-commerce maintenance and support

    We, at Patternica, share the philosophy that maintenance is the final stage of the ecommerce developer workflow. Without it, you risk missing the mark and end up in a predicament. Thus, to scale your business in safety, we’d recommend you making a decision in favor of post-release support in a blink.

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Benefits of choosing us for online shopping app development. Why us?

Let’s dwell on the major pluses to prefer Patternica among the other IT competitors right below.

  • Personalization is our big concern

    Would you care about turning your web-based e-commerce solution into a more advanced version that memorizes users’ purchasing choices and evokes further service use? That’s possible by combing the latest technologies and interactive interface, and Patternica will close this task for you.

  • Expertise in full-cycle e-commerce app development is proven

    It’s hard to find an IT provider that can proceed with all stages of the solution building from discovery to release, and Patternica has confidently done it more than 10 times. Check our portfolio to see the recent cases we’re proud to share!

  • Solution quality is above all

    While the e-commerce app development cost is important, we still insist on having your goals in mind and choosing the optimal engagement model for you to go through with it. With Patternica, you can hire a developer per your project requirements, get the dedicated team to release your burden of responsibility, or start with the MVP to test your business idea in the bud.

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