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At Patternica, a .NET software development company, we do believe that the means determine the result. If you choose a reliable IT services provider, then its team will ensure faster deployment and practical value after release. Here, the choice of the framework is the important step. .NET software development services will suit those who opt for sufficient flexibility, cleaner code writing, and cross-platform support.

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Our .NET development services

Come to us to develop web software products of different complexity and with relevant team sizes. We’ll give birth to your project from scratch to delivery or will support you on the go. Have a look at our options below!

  • Hiring a .NET developer for a specific task

    Patternica is ready to fill in the stuff gaps within your existing in-house team and save your time for search. Get the benefits of faster delivery and reduced costs with the framework developed by Microsoft!

  • Assembling a team for your .NET outsourcing projects

    If you’re thinking about whom to outsource NET development, account for Patternica’s capacity to choose and assemble the most suitable dedicated team of professionals. Your project will be born with the high talents’ effort.

  • Custom NET development in its full-cycle version

    Our custom NET development company always does its best to translate your business requirements into a scalable and high-quality software solution. To test if all works right, you may start with the MVP version before going further. Anyway, with our skilled engineers, your goals will become closer.

Why to choose Patternica’s .NET development service?

The benefits you’ll get with our .NET outsourcing company stem from the peculiarities of the framework and our expertise in working with it. Altogether, you’ll most likely enjoy the following perks:

  • 1
    Compatibility with cloud services

    Why should it mean to you? Think about making your app lightweight and easier for deployment. That’s exactly what bridging your software with the Azure Cloud Services and Docker containers does, and we’ll know how to make use of it for your IT project.

  • 2
    Ability to reuse the code for faster development

    One of the most attractive things about custom NET software development is the opportunity to make changes quickly and scale your solution with no extra manipulations. The universal language adds much to it, and our .NET developers masterfully handle the code alterations for the sake of development efficiency.

  • 3
    Perfect work on different operations systems

    Do you aspire to reach a wider audience and gather a large customer base over your service? Then you should think well about building a cross-platform app for users to use your software product from different devices and OS characteristics (Windows and Linux are the key players here). We’ll do it right for you.

  • 4
    High security standards of your solution

    Would you like to create a secure app for your end-users and protect your product development outcomes as well? Our .NET engineers will implement the power of authentication and cryptography into your app so that you can savor cybersecurity in action.


We offer only well-recognized and time-tested technologies to support any of your business goals.



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