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IT Outsourcing

Are you thinking about IT outsourcing but can’t decide which one to choose? Patternica will readily provide you with the major types of IT outsourcing, explaining the benefits of each.
Keep reading about our company’s IT outsourcing in more detail!

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Our IT outsourcing services

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Among the numerous companies outsourcing IT services, we aim to strengthen the other businesses in the areas we know at a deep level. They’re fintech, e-commerce, and transportation, but we’re also open to other related requests. By focusing on these three domains, Patternica ensures that the result of our engineering efforts will marvel at you and your end-users.


Sourcing to contractors

Imagine that you’ve already got the in-house development team, but you lack the specific skill set for completing the task. Come to us, and we’ll equip your team with our specialist or hire a developer you need.

You don’t need to hire the lacking specialist yourself. Plus, you don’t have any liabilities for withholding him after the project realization.


Self-managed team

Another case that sets the table for our cooperation is when you’ve got a business idea and need a professional dedicated team to make it true.

Due to our domain knowledge, we can enter the new project as the close-nit team and manage the workflow on our side — by the PM.


Full outsourcing

By ordering this IT outsource service, you can shift the full responsibility for your project to us. For example, it can be the full-cycle custom app development or the outsourced IT support of your existing solution.

Based on our software development expertise, we manage all the processes ourselves and deliver a high-quality result for you, while you’re just calling the shots.

Reasons to outsource IT services from Patternica

Being the IT outsourcing services company, Patternica can help you with app development, software support, integrations, and other IT initiatives. With us, you’ll get:

  • 1
    Qualitative and timely realization of your IT project;
  • 2
    Professional testing of your web app;
  • 3
    Post-release software maintenance;
  • 4
    Unique solution to your business request;
  • 5
    Digital product that employs the latest technologies.

Are you already thrilled about outsourcing IT service from Patternica? Determine your business request and

Use of innovative technology in outsourcing services

  • Blockchain

    We, at Patternica, understand the power of blockchain-based software products in generating revenue, improving security, and sustaining customer trust. Upgrade or build your app through our IT services outsourcing to guarantee safer (fintech), faster (transportation), and more transparent service management (e-commerce).

  • AI

    Our team also provides outsoursed IT solutions to establish deeper customer interaction and improve their trust in your brand. With AI implementation, we also help you to protect data more efficiently and forecast risks, which is crucial in business planning.

  • Salesforce

    If e-commerce belongs to the top of your business interests, you’ll be glad to know that Patternica prepares its developers to work with Salesforce technology. It means that your final product will be easy-to-scale, error-free, secure, and open for integration with third-party apps.


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