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Why to Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team by Patternica

1. Well-set collaboration

As our experts have already worked together on previous projects, they already stick to the smooth workflow when a new client comes to us. If we hire a new developer per your business needs, we immediately get him on track with how things are going in our dedicated software engineering team.

2. Excellent talents pool

We’re the dedicated software development team from Eastern Europe, which means one of the most qualified and well-educated engineering staff all over the world. Moreover, by sharing the same mentality, our developers can easier be on the same page, which guarantees the smooth path of developing a solution to its final release.

3. Domain expertise

We perfectly understand our strong areas of expertise, which are fintech, e-commerce, and transportation, and attract new clients with similar business requests in the first place. However, our dedicated teams also actively work on expanding the scope of their expertise to serve the needs of the wider public.

4. Risks reduction

Your decision of outsourcing software development to a dedicated team by Patternica will result in wise asset allocation. As you get the specialists with the required experience and skills from the start, you won’t pay any extra penny for code rewriting, bug fixing, or the whole solution rebuilding from scratch. You also significantly reduce the time-to-market, which also makes each dime counted.

5. Full-cycle development service

With the dedicated team for software development, you ensure that your product is ready to go live as we can offer you more than the solution building. You’ll also gain high-quality testing, smart workflow management, and regular reporting on the go. If necessary, we’ll also provide you with the product’s further technical support.

Our Dedicated Team
Approach in Action

Customer interaction process with us
discovery stage
Discovery stage

Collecting requirements, understanding business goals, splitting all work into detailed tasks, and collecting data for the future dedicated team

discovery stage
Estimation stage

Planning of upcoming work, setting the timetable and deadlines, and selecting the programming tools.

discovery stage
Team searching / using available team

Staffing of the development teamand distributing the tasks among the chosen professionals.

discovery stage
Implementation stage

Building a product according to the determined requirements and timelines.

discovery stage
Testing stage

Testing a product and delivering it at the moment it works without any issues.

discovery stage

Preparing a product to go live — a final release to the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a dedicated team structure? As a rule, dedicated software teams consist not only of developers. To help you pass the full-cycle development stage confidently and efficiently, Pattenica also equips your dedicated team with quality assurance specialists, DevOps engineers, business analysts, and project managers. In some cases, you can also call for the inclusion of a content writer and a designer.

2. How to hire a dedicated software development team? You can choose the professional service of a software development dedicated team and shorten your involvement effort to voicing your business expectations and project details. In turn, we’ll gather all that into the team requirements, select the programming tools, and estimate the time needed to cope with the task. After finding the most relevant engineers for your project, we’ll gradually move to the implementation, testing, and release stages.

3. Why should you hire dedicated developers? When you hire dedicated software development teams, you get the specialists qualified exactly for your project and gain the qualitative result of their common work — the ready solution. As they’re working remotely, you also economy resources as you don’t need to rent an office, think of the parking place, provide staff with devices, etc.

4. How to choose a dedicated software development team? Generally, it’s not your headache anymore as we hold the responsibility over hiring the dedicated team fitting for your project realization the best. You can specify your requirements and acceptable payment rates during the discovery stage, and we’ll do the rest.

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