Offshore software development

Offshore software development is the delegation of IT processes and services to a third-party provider located in a different country. What’s all the hype around outsourcing product development to the remote software development team offshore? 35% of global business owners claim that this significantly releases the company’s resources and allows focus on the core.

Go on reading to learn how offshore software development works in practice!

What is the difference between offshoring and outsourcing?

As many people confuse these notions, let’s get it clear from the start! 

The borderline between the two lies in the team placement. While outsourcing presupposes hiring remote developers or even a team for filling in a production gap, outstaffing navigates in-house jobs overseas. 

And can you guess who is the leader in the offshore race? Maybe you think of the US first?

But it’s India! The world is changing, and this player is getting more power in offshore business services. However, choosing India, you should mind the possible consequences of this choice! First comes the cultural distinction as the Asian mindset affects all: communication, tasks management, the vision of quality, attitude to delays, etc. Second, the Indian development projects constitute the bigger part of the redo list and require further improvement. This stems from insufficient education and the motivation ‘to do it for money rather than ‘to satisfy the professional interest.’ 

Considering these arguments, it’s already essential to think closer about a selection of your software development provider. And we, at Patternica, consider Ukrainian developers as a great alternative to the high prices of the West and the low quality of the East. Our cost-efficient service and team’s expertise create the perfect match for you!

How does the software offshore development approach work?

It can be realized through 3 business models: 

  1. Fixed cost. In this case, an offshore software contractor provides a definite part of the job according to the agreed budget and time boundaries. Though it may sound perfect, offshore developers sometimes sacrifice quality to deliver the work within the price limitations.
  2. Time & materials. Here, the freelance software engineers join the existing team for executing the specific, short-term tasks. Finding the relevant expertise and having no obligation to retain the specialist after the job completion is a key plus of this model. Come to Patternica, and we’ll make this model work right for your project!
  3. Dedicated team. That’s the most favorable model that allows gathering the custom-tailored team per your business requests out of your country. You’re to pay monthly salaries to get this option, but you get the full-time employees chosen for your specific project. And Patternica is ready to provide you with a dedicated team of experts precisely for you!


When to outsource the software building to the offshore team?

Before implementing any of the above-mentioned business models, consider five conditions when this is going to be a suitable scenario for your software project development:

If you zest for more flexibility

In most cases, by giving preference to the offshore development team, you, as an employer, offer the short-term employment option to them. And that’s what makes your hands untied! Once the project is finished and the developer’s pull of responsibilities is run out, pay for the work and say goodbye. Your liabilities to the employee don’t cause your headache! So, here are you who calls the shots!

If you wish to reduce time to market

As a rule, this goal is one of the primary ones in the software development industry. Everyone wants to get the job done quickly and qualitatively, isn’t it? In this relation, offshore software development allows you to accelerate processes by delegating the tasks to well-experienced and skillful remote technical specialists. Choose the most suitable talents to form the team that will dive deep into your project’s specifics and accomplishes at the expected level of quality! And don’t forget about the timing!

If your quality already suffers

Are you used to making the regular SWOT analysis and market research to realise your brand’s position? How will you estimate your product in terms of innovation? Is your unique selling proposition powerful enough to outshine the competitors? Do you consider the company’s operations well-organized and smooth? All these questions will guide you to an understanding of your service quality. Be objective in your assessment! If you feel that the quality doesn’t comply with your expectations and set goals, it’s a clear request for a big change. And the outsourcing of the software development to the offshore team can be this big change for you!

If you strive for efficiency

We’ve already discussed the time factor in the #3 item of the list, and now it’s necessary to elaborate on the resources factor. It’s not limited to the costs of developers’ salaries solely! This also includes tools for deployment, business obligations, compliance with the legal side of the issue, and all the steps required from the inception phase to the final release of the product. All this calculation becomes more efficient if you choose offshore software development.

If you mind the cost-to-quality ratio

By lowering the bar of your costs, you risk getting the low-quality software product far away from your initial expectations. Not to make this grave mistake, don’t spare your money for getting a particular software engineering task done faster and in proper quality. Your reasonable investment from the start frees you from all the troubleshooting and possible production delays in the future. Think it over and refer to Patternica to leverage our profound expertise for your business specifics. Don’t miss out on this splendid opportunity!

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