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Data Analyst

Department: Data science
Technologies: Data analysis

Patternica is looking for an experienced Data Analyst to join the team of our client from Netherlands (long-term cooperation, adult content).

About the role:

Your primary duty will be to evaluate and predict the performance and profitability of the traffic and user base for our products, ensuring your analysis is both swift and precise. You will operate within a dynamic setting characterized by substantial budgets and significant responsibilities.

Responsibilities on the project:

• Constructing predictive models to forecast the profitability and key performance metrics of traffic sources and leads.

• Designing and executing data analysis, data collection systems, and other tactics to enhance statistical efficiency and quality.

• Interpreting data, performing analyses using statistical methods, and compiling regular reports.

• Utilizing data visualization tools to present information effectively.

• Identifying and eradicating fraudulent activities and traffic sources.


• 2-3 years of experience as a Data Analyst.

• Proficient in database management (SQL, etc.).

• Experience with Python and/or ’R’ is desirable.

• Advanced Microsoft Excel skills.

• Upper-intermediate level of English (good speaking skills).

Our benefits:

• Competitive salary.

• Friendly and helpful environment.

• Remote work.

• Comfortable schedule with flexible working hours.

• Long term partnership.