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Software Development Services

As a software development company, Patternica strives to build different types of software to cover the specific business needs in the areas of fintech, e-commerce, and transportation. We’re helping businesses of different sizes: small companies and startups as well as mid and large enterprises.

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Our development software process in numbers

And we’re always working hard to broaden our expertise horizons to produce comprehensive IT solutions for your business needs.

10+closed projects
5+years of software development service
20+custom software developers

Types of software development at Patternica

Patternica can provide software developer services to solve narrow & temporary or complicated & long-term engineering problems. For instance, you can address us to integrate your app with the third party API, get a qualified software developer for your team, build the MVP for your startup, or cope with the full-cycle custom software development service from discovery to its release and ongoing technical support.

Choose our software development services to help you with:

  • 1
    Hiring a talent to execute the particular process in the software development life cycle.
  • 2
    Assembling the dedicated team for the full project realization.
  • 3
    Checking the work of the newly created solution through manual & automated testing and performing load and +Unit tests* (*per request).
  • 4
    Giving you professional maintenance service of the existing software.
  • 5
    Developing the custom software solution with a specific set of functions, user-friendly design, and high-security standards.

Our team composition

To realize the above-mentioned goals, our team consists of the different types of software developers:

  • Front-end developers

    Their work is mainly focused on easy navigation, usability, and interrupted operation of the software solution

  • Back-end developers

    You don’t see their efforts visually on your screen but can feel it through smooth app performance, which stems from professional code writing

  • Full stack developers

    They’re masters of both visual and hidden sides of development, hence, able to create the entire application independently

  • Software developers

    These are specialists in building functionalities for users to perform concrete actions on different devices

  • Web developers

    This type of engineer creates dynamic websites and web apps according to the client’s requirements

Our custom software development solutions

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Web applications

We’re qualified to develop diverse web apps to satisfy the most demanding needs of your end-users and make the customer journey more intuitive, meaningful, and fascinating. Come to us!

System integrations

Patternica is confident in making your custom software service easily united with the other systems, giving your customers the all-in-one solution to cope with daily tasks more efficiently and effortlessly.

Our methodology in software development

In the process of software development, our team relies on the Agile software development methodology. We strongly value Scrum for the opportunity to improve the product continuously and refine it through several 2-week iterations and granular planning.

This approach to the development process of software allows Patternica to create and deliver high-quality apps that meet our clients’ expectations. Check our portfolio to read the latest cases coming from our coding!



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