Benefits of ReactJS

Are you thinking about creating a visually captivating web product that runs well in a high-traffic environment? Then you should know more about what is ReactJS. 

Well, if we look at ReactJS in web development as technology, you should first consider its focus on front-end purposes. In this regard, that’s the second most popular engineering framework in 2023—according to Statista’s survey.

Also, while choosing React, you’ll normally benefit from building the solution with JavaScript, the top programming language, which is easy to use, relatively quick to learn (and hire ReactJS application developers), and performance-oriented. 

What is ReactJS used for? React is the open-source JavaScript front-end library enabling developers to create and manage several user interfaces under the hood of web apps. Examples? Plenty! Start counting from your lonely Netflix, Instagram, or Airbnb, and then think about PayPal, Walmart, and Yahoo. All these web products have appeared thanks to ReactJS.

Surprised? Drive your enthusiasm to read on and learn the advantages of ReactJS for your project.

Cases when ReactJS implementation works the best

You already know the basics of this technology, and now it’s time to discuss the use cases of ReactJS web application development. 

  • It’s good for a long-term perspective. If you plan a complex web solution that requires adding new functions in the future, ReactJS is the ideal responsive setting to dive in.
  • It’s excellent if UX & UI are important. ReactJS is known for its capacity to run and support multiple user-oriented functions simultaneously, such as dynamic elements, interactive blocks, data visualization, and real-time updates.
  • Choose ReactJS to proceed with app scaling easily. Due to its component-based architecture, ReactJS is a perfect fit for those who value flexibility and scalability.
  • Select ReactJs to deal with large amounts of data efficiently. High performance is another benefit of ReactJS, which is maintained thanks to the smooth rendering of data.
  • It’s your way to building cross-platform software. In case you now start with the web app, but also think about its desktop or mobile versions, ReactJS is good to go.

What does ReactJS bring to your web development project

Now that you know when to use ReactJS, we’d like to explain the popularity of ReactJS web development services worldwide. Find out the benefits of ReactJS below.

It makes your product SEO-friendly

While SEO is the art of leading your web pages to the sun (the top of the search results), ReactJS is your favourable soil to grow your fruit. Why so? The key advantage of ReactJS is its assistance in making your website SEO-friendly through meta tags, server-side rendering, and quick loading of tons of data. Moreover, its Virtual DOM allows processing requests and navigating traffic to your website more efficiently.

It allows running and testing of user-facing functions

If your business intention goes far beyond creating a simple static website, you’ll truly enjoy the interface-related benefits of using ReactJS. Namely, we’re talking about creating custom components and using reusable ones. Also, with ReactJS, your code is more consistent and testable, so it’ll be easier to check the app for bugs and spot areas for improvement. 

Your app will run faster 

That’s true, thanks to the clear code syntax and the stable code structure, the solution made on ReactJS will perform faster. If diving into the tech details, it’s JSX that makes the HTML markup within the ReactJS library easier to read and convert. Moreover, the tree structure of the data flow, which is typical of ReactJS, stabilizes the code and protects it from bugs affecting the whole system.

It supports easy scaling of your software

Another reason why to use ReactJS is for its support of product scalability. ReactJS is constructed in a way that allows developers to benefit from reusable components and create the UI per the client’s requirements. This modular design makes it quicker and easier to modify, maintain, and scale the application efficiently. 

It gives flexibility in code editing and making changes

Meanwhile, scalability won’t be possible without easy code changing. Thanks to the multiple developer tools enabled by ReactJS, programmers are entitled to inspect the component hierarchies, isolate specific parts of the code, and edit them separately. There are even some developer extensions for Firefox and Chrome. All this makes the process of bringing changes to the code easier and faster.

It's popular, and you'll easily find tech talents

If you’re interested in building the development team for your startup, then ReactJS appears to be a good choice again. How come? Because of the popularity of technology and the vast community of talent. This also implies that you’ll be able to hire the required tech specialists more effortlessly as there’s a wide network of qualified ReactJS developers to choose from.

How much does it cost to build a web app using ReactJS?

The cost will depend on the location of your tech talent. You’ll definitely pay more for ReactJS coders from the UK (from £4,000 to £7,500) and the US (from $7,500 to $11,500). The European job market will lower the bid significantly—from $2,500 to $5,000. So, if you want to hire costs but get quality, think of hiring outsourced specialists.

Besides, the price will greatly depend on the complexity of your project and the time given for its realization. This will entail the maturity level of the specialist required (Junior, Middle, Senior) and the cost of maintenance. 

Finally, to see the price clearer, you should also consider the state and quality of the documentation prepared. It also needs time, and time is money. 

Build your progressive web app with Patternica’s ReactJS developers

We hope that now you’ve got a fuller picture of how and what for to use ReactJS in the web development context. On our part, Patternica is ready to consult you on which technology meets your product requirements the best and proceed with the full-cycle development from scratch. Reach out to us to discuss your project!

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