API Integration

Do your clients want to integrate their software products with your API? And do you feel like you don’t have enough resources to provide API integration services yourself? Here’s the solution—you definitely need a third-party API integration partner.  

If you’re now wondering about the scope of API integration partnerships worldwide, you can be surprised to hear that 56% of tech connoisseurs believe that APIs positively affect product enhancement. Moreover, international companies who have already implemented API integration in business confirm the 12.7% rise in market capitalization compared to those who haven’t. 

The only nuance is to choose reliable API integration partners, which will help your business grow. And that’s what we’re going to dwell on in today’s piece—just take your time to read it.

Who is the third-party API integration partner?

Understanding the basics is important. That’s why let’s enter our discussion step by step.

What is an integration partner? That’s the company you hire to work in tandem in order to build the liaison between your company’s software (or system) with the other company’s one. The API integration partner here is the third-party provider, another member of the team, whose development efforts result in building these API partnership connections.

Hmmm, what is a partner integration then? Well, let’s explain this with the example to put it more clearly. Imagine you’re an e-commerce company, and you’d like to build an integration partnership with the payment firm to allow your customers to pay for your goods without leaving a site. In this case, you hire a third-party integration partner for a custom API building, whose job is to get it technically done.

Why do you need an integration partner?

Now that you’ve grasped the key terms, let’s speak about the cases when you need to resort to the integration partner’s help. Though this list might be long, we’d like to focus on two key scenarios:

  1. You want to integrate your software product with the third-party API
  2. You’re more willing to connect your clients to your API.

After you see to what camp you belong, it’s time to thoroughly think about the API integration partnership as the best strategy you can take. 

What value do you get from an integration partner?

We’re gradually coming to the question of how the other business integration partners can help you with API-building services.

Better customer service 

Don’t ever underestimate the power of your customer service as it’s normally the prerequisite of service popularity as well as sales. So, if you want to work harder on this, the third-party API integrations can help you automate the process and take it to a new level of customer satisfaction.

Higher customer retention

Well, that’s actually the consequence of the previous point. Usually, it works this way: you invest in customer service > customers’ satisfaction rate increases > they become more loyal to your brand > you get more sales. If this all makes sense to you, building an API integration will be the right path.

Faster business scaling

Probably each business dreams of quick and solid growth steps, but not all of them are pretty sure how to achieve this. Our expert solution is to drive more customers and revenue through API integrations, saving time for the other business tasks you’re good at

In-depth industry partnerships

Another bonus you can get together with third-party API integrations is the expansion of your industry relationships. Which way? By establishing business ties with other companies and improving your service, you also create a win-win partnership that strengthens each party’s market reach and revenue indices.

Сriteria for selecting the right API integration provider

You know WHAT FORs, and we’ll get you through HOWs. Ready? Let’s look at the core of the question—how to choose the professional software partner able to do the API integration job qualitatively.

  • Access the value you expect to get. You already have an understanding of what it can be, but this time think closer about your project specifics. 
  • Place yourself in the user’s shoes. In other words, realize how this integration will facilitate your users’ lives, and in turn, help your company.
  • Evaluate the size of the shared customer base. This number can also be a good indicator to measure the value this partnership can bring to your business.

Anything else? Consider the technical part of the question, logically moving to the next section.

What are the technical requirements to participate in an integration partnership?

Though these technical details can depend on the type of partnership and the technologies used, you still need to pay attention to the proper documentation behind the APIs. This is essential for the seamless data sharing between the two (or more) systems and the easy support of this integration achievement. Hence, ask your potential partner to show understandable documentation so as not to worry about further performance.

Tips on researching potential partners

The last but not the least thing to help you with is the collection of small (but not in significance!) nuances to mind during your choice of the tech partner.

  • Set clear goals. To be on the same page with your API integration partner, you first need to decide on these goals yourself.  
  • Do research. Yes, this takes time, but think about more time expenses in case you choose the non-relevant one.
  • Define the terms of collaboration. Do it to mitigate risks and prevent money loss for any redundancy. 
  • Proceed with the pilot test: It’s wise to test the integration at the initial stage instead of bringing serious changes to it afterwards. 
  • Promote the new solution. Once the integration is done, introduce this new integration in marketing cycles to attract more attention to your upgraded software product.

Build the API integration partnership with the help of Patternica

Summing up, we’d like to say that API integration partnerships are a clever way of expanding your business quicker, more cost-efficiently, and predictably. Patternica is a reliable B2B integration partner that can help you increase your customer base, optimize your business tasks, and build the necessary API integrations. Contact us for more details!

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