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Due to the heated competition between the software development companies, hiring new talents for the team is becoming a real challenge. Hence, organizing the internship program is a perfect solution for those who don’t want to waste precious time and lose clients. We, at Patternica, have lived by this principle for the last 1.5 years, successfully coping with three iterations of inner internship in our IT company. And we aren’t going to stop on this!

With this article, we’ll answer interns’ questions on how to get a software engineering internship and share our approach to building the talent acquisition funnel with clients. Learn the benefits you’ll get from a partnership with Patternica!

What is the internship in an IT company?

Usually, an internship for software development presupposes the internal training of relevant engineers in developing, testing, and deploying software. Plus, it’s a quick way to adjust to the specific corporate standards and learn the team’s daily work principles on the go. 

According to the latest research, the leading industries that use software engineering internships are technology, non-profits, and finance. If we speak by companies’ names, such famous tech players as Google, Unilever, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Robinhood also train their future employees under the management of experienced mentors. The cyclic stream of new talents helps the company reach strategic goals, grow the business steadily, and strengthen its employer image.

At Patternica, we’ve decided to focus on the junior software developer internship, which allows us to satisfy clients’ custom development requests with the balance of time and quality spent on the project realization.

How to apply for an internship in IT companies like Patternica?

The usual way the junior developers can get acquainted with our online software development internship is through the job search platform. Patternica is used to publish the new vacancies at multiple job posting resources. Statistically, the average age of our intern candidates is 25 years. To apply, they shouldn’t obligatorily have software engineering work experience, but we pay attention to the relevance of their education to get this position. CVs are a must-have while having a portfolio is rather a plus than a requirement.

How to get a software engineering internship with no experience?

Patternica opens the door for applicants who haven’t gained their engineering experience. Instead, we provide the interns with a chance to plunge into software development projects under the mentors’ assistance. The real-life work conditions let our interns develop their tech expertise during the paid software engineering internship: they start with the minimum salary and move to the full-time rate after the program completion. 

What skills should a software engineer intern have to enter our team?

Based on our experience in software product development, Patternica has limited the requirements for the junior developer intern to the following list:

  • Relevant education. Per our expectations, the software engineer intern meaning relates to having a degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field, and we’ll gladly welcome students into our team right after graduation.
  • Desire to learn. The incentive to constantly learn is another key requirement as we believe this skill allows interns to quickly compensate for knowledge gaps. 
  • Confident English speaking skills. As we’re building a diverse team that is ready to cope with custom software development projects worldwide, a good command of English is another point of our evaluation.
  • Basic knowledge of technologies. Though the list of languages, frameworks, and tools can vary on the project, we’re mainly looking for expertise in JavaScript, HTML5, SQL, and TypeScipt, understanding the latest programming trends.

These four requirements equally comprise the portrait of our desired candidate. In the long run, these developers’ traits turn Patternica into a professional engineering team for projects of different complexity.

What is unique about Patternica’s junior developer internship?

It’s time to find out why our program is among the best software engineering internships. Let’s dig deeper! 

How do we turn a tech intern into our team member step by step?

The process of building our talent acquisition funnel goes through the following stages:

  1. Brand introduction. We belong to 72% of global recruiters who agree on the importance of employer brand for talent hiring. That’s why we distribute the news about our company’s internship program through different professional networks and social media. 
  2. Applications processing. We pre-screen the CVs sent to us and organize the interviews with the best relevant candidates based on our above-mentioned criteria.
  3. Interview. It consists of two sessions. The first one is conducted by the recruiter, while the technical specialist runs the second. 
  4. Coding test. The ability to write and optimize code per the set requirements matters greatly, and we consider this step as a practical assessment of the programming skills.
  5. Selection of winners. As a rule, only the best 10 of 100 applicants successfully pass all the stages and become members of our internship in software engineering. 

What happens during a software engineering internship?

Each internship lasts 2.5 months, and during this period, our newbies closely work in cooperation with experienced mentors on the project like it’s real. We attempt to give the interns the feel of project workflow, inviting a business analyst and a tester to each team and using Jira and Figma. From time to time, all newcomers pass the code reviews to get feedback from mature developers. 

Typical intern tasks during the internship include the project set-up, the development of logins and user authorization systems, building personal user accounts, adding new features to the functionality etc. After accomplishing the internship for software engineers, the complexity of tasks increases proportionally.

Get an internship in IT with Patternica! 

The digital age calls for building brand identities and SaaS solutions online, and this is impossible without the global developer community, which is expected to be 28.7m by 2024. Patternica strives for contributing to this high aim with its custom development services. Join one of the best companies for software engineering internships and pave your way to new career horizons!

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