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API Integration & Development

Are you willing to keep up with the times? Patternica can help you to build API integration with third parties or develop a custom API for linking multiple data resources under the hood of your service. Our API integration developers will turn your web app or website into a robust system that seamlessly connects all the functionality, data, and protocols into a single interface.

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Types of our API development and integration services

Patternica mostly focuses on launching the tech API integration for websites, but we also cope with the task of connecting API with apps and various business systems. Check out our list of services!

  • Custom API integration

    Our team of API integrators is experienced in building integrations between any APIs that will bridge your software solution with other devices or systems.

  • Custom API implementation

    We’re also ready to implement both internal and external APIs to solve your business issues in data handling, microservices, process management, etc.

  • Automated API testing

    Our engineers are used to performing regular quality assurance tests to ensure the smooth operation of your functionality after API integration.

Benefits of using our API integration service

With systems support on API integration, proper app development and user engagement are at stake. Sounds good already? However, we can list the other advantages you’ll get while developing an API with us:

  • 1

    All the parties who enter the system (i.e., a web application) will see the same features and interface details without experiencing any troubles.

  • 2
    Efficient data processing

    Tons of information will be extracted from multiple sources and gathered in one place (i.e., a CRM).

  • 3
    Speed of realization

    As the data is kept in order, APIs will allow building the required solution much quicker.

  • 4

    As APIs give access under conditions of an authorization, the loss of data is reduced to the minimum.

  • 5
    Independent control

    To make your data or functionality even more secure, there’s an option of setting specific usage rules.

  • 6

    API integration service gives an opportunity to apply various fonts, numerous images, and different styles to create a user-friendly interface.

  • 7
    Costs reduction

    As API relies much on process automation, it also means that you can hire fewer specialists to close your project and save your resources.

Our API integration solutions

We deliver different types of APIs, using REST, and RPC API protocols alongside JSON and CSV for data formats. This allows us to help you expand the business grow through:


Cloud API development

Our developers will guarantee the users’ interrupted and safe access to the software from different devices.

API technical support

When the integration job is already done, Patternica offers you to go further and move to API maintenance to enhance sign-on and encryption capabilities and provide even better security.

Service of API creation: Our major domains

You’re already familiar with our API services and solutions, and now it’s time to highlight their use cases:


Payment gateways APIs


Shipping carriers APIs and Google Maps API


Shipping carriers APIs and Data resources APIs

If you see an interesting option, and we’ll gladly help you!


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